A marine product market overlooking the sea at Ginpaso

You can eat fresh fish and sea shells you are seeing with your own eyes.A group of a few persons or a family can enjoy in the same manner.

About 10min from the Sanyo Motor Road's Ako I.C
You can have a complete view of the scenary in the Inland Sea from the end of Ako Misaki.

A restaurant with space for 70 people.A free parking lot for 50 cars is in store.

There are myriad special, industrial products, and souvenirs from Ako.

A good location where it takes 7 to 8 minutes to the sights of City.

A roasted sea product 2,625 yen: Hors d'oeuvre, raw fish, roasted
fish,boiled rice, pickles,clear soup.

A meal of raw fish made in a bucket and boiled rice 2,100yen: Hors
d'oeuvre,boiled fish, raw fish made in a bucket, egg dish in a bowl,
clear soup, boiled rice, pickles, dessert.

A meal of steam-roasted congers and boiled rice 2,100yen:Hors d'oeuvre,
boiled fish, egg dish in a bowl, steam-roasted congers, a fried conger,
clear soup.

You can eat local,fresh sea food charcoaled in the presence of you.